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Easy to follow balanced diet...
Easy to follow balanced diet...

I have been attending New Fysic for a few months now and have had great results. I find their diet very easy to follow and I am rarely hungry. I like the way that I can attend every week for a private consultation and weigh in. This gives me a good incentive to keep going. To sum it up, it's the type of diet that you can still live your life as you usually do. Lydia and Caroline are very friendly and speak good english which is also very helpful. Expat | 08-04-2019

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TOGETHER EVERYTHING IS EASIER AND MORE FUN! Whether you sign in for the online program or in a location: during the weight loss process you have a weekly coach available for expert guidance, coordinated to your personal situation. PERSONAL FOOD PLAN To begin with, we would like to get to know you well. We look at your lifestyle, slimming past and eating habits. You are also weighed and measured and we determine your BMI and BMR (calorie consumption at rest). Based on this intake, your target weight will be determined and you will receive your personal nutrition plan. SUPPLEMENTS ON A NATURAL BASIS In addition to healthy and delicious food, you also make use of (protein and fiber) supplements on a natural basis during weight loss. These supplements help maintain muscle mass and ensure efficient metabolism during weight loss.

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At NewFysic you can choose between a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription or individual weekly treatments. For this you will receive a personal nutrition plan, your weekly (protein and fiber) supplements and of course your coach that is indispensable for a successful process. Do you already know if you want to follow NewFysic online or at a branch? We will briefly list the differences.

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New Fysic | Hilversum

's-Gravelandseweg 46-C
1211 BT, Hilversum

+31 88 323 0005

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