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Jimmy's APK & Auto Onderhoud
APK Services, Mechanic, MOT Services, Winter Tyres
"Excellent "
Buffing Optiek
Contact Lenses, Optical Services, Optician, Vision Testing
"Highly recommended"

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Expat Friendly Locals Testimonial - Roderick de W.
Roderick de W.

"This one stop shop for expats is a life saver. I know I can rely on the recommendations because they are made by people like me with similar expectations who have lived and travelled abroad."

Expat Friendly Locals Testimonial - Lesley M.
Lesley M.

"Several local companies either changed or disappeared while I was living abroad. Thanks to Expat Friendly Locals, I now know where to go to discover reliable businesses near to me."

Expat Friendly Locals Testimonial - Yvonne T.
Yvonne T.

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